Final Reflective Journal

This is it. The end of a great experience. Well, it is not over yet. However, sitting here writing my last blogpost (for now) does feel quite exciting and scary. As a part time student, I never actually thought of the day I would be finishing this course. And now it is just a couple [...]

Weekly critiques and what we have learned

For the development of our D&AD projects, we started off by presenting our weekly research in class so we could have different opinions and questions regarding the subject to support us with different points of view. The challenge here is to accept, filter and test the critiques. Take them home, thing bout them and try [...]

D&AD Process

As soon as the D&AD briefs were presented to us, my brain started to work in crazy loops as I felt so excited to start this new project. Naturally, I love creating and developing new things.. however, that can be slightly overwhelming as I will explain further. When you receive a brief related to the [...]

What is the right answer?

When we are familiar with certain skills, we all believe we already have what it takes to do well in an interview. Naturally, yes, skills do matter. However, how is that information passed on to the interviewer? And what if, suddenly, some questions asked have nothing to do with your computer science skills, but more [...]


Observing how advertisement changed over the years is extremely interesting to analyse how it reflects on the way brands sell their ideas today. In a digital present world, the internet has transformed completely how people expect to be informed (Gallegos, 2016) and the paste in which it is received. But before thinking of internet advertisement, [...]