Vivien’s Reflective Essay

The end of a module has presented itself before us. For many, the end of an amazing course. For me, the beginning of a new year. Finalizing this year makes me feel scared as I realise how much I still have to work on. However, it gives me joy to think of all the accomplishments [...]

Do we need a product?

Maybe that was the questions asked since our first class. And it was unbelievable realising how easy the idea we decided on would be so easy to produce. Not so easy though.. Manufacturing a top sounds simple, but after creating our first prototype we noticed how difficult it would actually be to make it look [...]

Build [work] together; Value People

There is no greater weapon in a company's arsenal than a great team (Zimmer, 2019) prepared to work together to achieve the same goals. The purpose of teamwork is to combine individual's different skills and abilities, and together work to achieve one common result. Collaboration, cooperative effort and a sense of ownership among teams can [...]

Preparing our Business Report

Achieving precision of Danzza's business report sounded very scary before it actually started to be tailored. As a group, we realized that what was being presented had a lack of important information and that in fact we had many sources related to our research which we could have included in our project. Observing past years [...]