In Progress – First Trade Fair

Preparing ourselves for the first Trade Fair was very interesting. Danzza and the idea around our startup business is perfectly clear in our minds, but I believe the challenging situation has been to put it in words, images and general visual attention. We met a couple of times to decide how we would present our [...]


The Importance of Selling

On the 18/01/2019 we had an enriching lecture regarding sales and the importance of selling, focusing on our start up business and communication in trade fairs. With our first trade fair approaching, our team in particular was a bit confused regarding selling and how to approach customers so they would be interested in our product. [...]

MVP, Dannza and Dragons Den

On the 24/11/2018, as mentioned in previous posts, me and my wonderful start-up team were confident enough to present our lean canvas containing two fresh new ideas in front of the class. We were quite undecided on which one to choose, but soon Janja showed us a guide and the decision furthermore was easily made [...]