Day 1

The first day of Design Thinking was lovely! We have a big class with not only MACE students but others within the business sector.
Alice, our teacher, gave us a few minutes to get to know each other around the tables and then started briefing us about the module.

Alice then asked us to pick a partner for our first exercise, which I will explain in stages. The purpose was to develop our creative skills and come up with great ideas to help others, introducing us to what we are going to learn during the course.

MISSION: Help your partner with his gift-giving experience!

1. Interview (gaining empathy)

For the first question, our goal was to find out a little bit about our partner’s gift-giving experiences and a moment where we found difficulties in giving a present to someone special in our lives. My partner was Jonas, and we had a great time sharing our experiences. Notes were taken  while the conversation lasted 8 minutes in total (4 minutes each).

2. Dig Deeper

For this session, we had to make observations about each other’s stories and ask more specific questions about the situation described. Why, where and important personal values were some of the main words used during those 6 minutes between Jonas and I.

3. Capture finding

In just verbs, we individually had to identify what our partner was trying to achieve through his gift and what was perhaps the expectation from the moment. We also described why our partner needed to feel that way with a gift-giving experience and what was considered their main value.

4. Have a point

We identified our partners main problem so we could come up with a solution.

5. Sketching is important

With less words and more drawing, our ideas were explained trough sketches of what we believed could be the solutions for our partner’s problems. In total we had to come up with 5 ideas. Personally I found it very hard to innovate with 5 ideas, so I had 3. Jonas didn’t seem very impressed but I will definitely change his mind about it! This take us to our next step witch is:

6. Capture Feedback from the solutions

7. The final solution

After debating for a couple of minutes, each pair decided to pick up an idea each to develop as a solution. My idea was a big board with many pictures than can be lifted and there will be a story related to it underneath.


As a result, we started building our idea in class and hopefully be able to finish at home! I am excited to share my board and specially to see what not only Jonas created as my gift but all the others in class!

Looking forward for Friday!


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