Picture this: you decided to leave your country for an amazing new journey in London, UK. Upon arrival, you make your way to the underground platform to wait for the train and realize you need to change lines to reach your new exciting destination. It is 5pm and the train starts getting crowded, until it is time to get off for your connection. You get off the train, the platform is completely full of people and your eye level does not reach the signs on the wall. People start pushing you as they are impatient to get home after a long day of work and you end up walking to a random direction as you have no idea where to go. It all looks very frustrating for a first impression, right?

Well, my start-up team and I identified this problem and realized we could come up with a great solution to solve it. Being part of a group of people from different parts of the world made me realise how we all eventually experienced the same frustration.
In class on the 26/10/2018 we were expected to understand the power and importance of re-designing.

Re-designing is creating, and means developing a product or service already existent. It is a challenge as the features added are supposed to be for strong improvement, nonetheless considered a new innovation. Our mission was to develop our business  ideas and realize the importance of experiencing a problem for then drive an advanced solution, in addition to learning how to work together as a strong team.

Our tube experience led us to the desire of solving the problem spotted. And the question made was ‘what is there were colourful signs (matching the tube lines) on the floor indicating the way?’

Our re-design project focused on helping people to find their way out of the platform, whether to exit or change lines. When off the train, seeing the floor is much easier than up high on the wall and following signs would be consequently easier if on the floor. The signs designed would lead until the outside of the platform, where visibility gets clearer as it is no longer so crowded.

When presented to the class the idea was a success. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to participate of the session on the 9/11/2018, however my team was very happy and proud of our development. The experience enhanced our critical thinking and it supported us to develop our next big project, our Bright Idea.


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