MVP, Dannza and Dragons Den

On the 24/11/2018, as mentioned in previous posts, me and my wonderful start-up team were confident enough to present our lean canvas containing two fresh new ideas in front of the class. We were quite undecided on which one to choose, but soon Janja showed us a guide and the decision furthermore was easily made with the strong support of all our classmates, also classified as our potential customers.

To analyse which product would be more valuable for our company we placed them on a simple structure, supporting us to compare high with low cost and product value for the consumer.


One of our ideas was directed to musicians that often loose small objects needed to play their instruments. The other was focused on dancers that would hurt themselves when practising and performing.
During the week anticipating the presentations in class, me and the team conducted conversations with musicians and dancers to obtain feedback on our potential product. The result was realizing how valuable protecting a dancer’s body is and the great excitement of every dancer when told about the idea. In class we then confirmed the preference, as the dancer’s product would be more valuable for the customer, provide a higher turnover for our company and relatively easier to manufacture. The excitement was there and the importance of analysing every step, especially from the consumer’s point of view was exceptional to then start working on further features for our new product idea. Dannza was then born.

Dannza is now our small dream in progress to come true. The product is beautiful, safe and innovative. We managed to create something that is not on the market at all and lighted up so many ideas not only for protection, but also for fashion (which particularly is my strength). We developed our thoughts and put together a strong presentation for our very first Dragons Den, rehearsing together until late to make sure we would be prepared.

On the 07/12/2018 all the start-ups presented their products to the class and very special judges. When introducing Dannza, besides being very nervous we did an amazing job and couldn’t be happier with our outcome after a few weeks of hard work. Our product matched our customers needs and alongside pictures and testimonials from professional dancers we managed to prove how important and valuable our product will be. Nevertheless our prototype clearly demonstrated what our future product should look like and the result seemed great. The judges feedbacks were very positive and much enriching, giving us motivation and guidance to carry on.

With our product approved and a clear decision about our next step, we are now looking forward to get together after the holidays and work even harder to exceed our expectations. I honestly cannot wait for our final Dannza!




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