The Importance of Selling

Resultado de imagem para sellingOn the 18/01/2019 we had an enriching lecture regarding sales and the importance of selling, focusing on our start up business and communication in trade fairs.

With our first trade fair approaching, our team in particular was a bit confused regarding selling and how to approach customers so they would be interested in our product. Moreover, our product is focused on protecting dancers and the fear of not being able to attract the public was one of our main problems for the fair.

Personally, I have been working with selling for a long time. On my first job as a sales consultant for an accessories brand, we were trained to perform a high level customer service and induce customers to buy more than one product. The lecture was fascinating for me as I realized how the tactics explained were already in the back of my head; it just wasn’t in use for a long time.

The way how a customer is approached is the main problem for the selling opportunity. CATCH INTEREST! A person willing to approach the product is indeed a person willing to pay for it. The manner how the customer is greeted and invited to the space without feeling pressure can dictate how the experience will then be. Furthermore, the exposure and explanation of the product is then what will build value and interest. Being able to fascinate the customer with a story and its value before exposing the actual product’s features and its financial value is what pursues people’s interest. Once the engagement is embellished, it is then slightly easier to speak about the product.

A very important advice while selling is to never ask questions that lead to simple answers such as ‘yes’ and ‘no’. This will lead to a quick lack of interest and it is more likely that it will generate negative responses. Instead, asking open questions will develop a more elaborate answer and will then be the key for a conversation to flow, making the selling process easier. For example:

X     Are you looking for new sunglasses? (Yes. No)

     How would you expect your sunglasses to look like? (I was actually looking for round…)

When it comes to arguments used, it is very important to deliver the right message and high expectations to the customer. Features should then be detailed and questions elaborated should provide the seller with answers that will lead to the perfect product presentation. In other words, the customer should be questioned in a way that their answers will be exactly what their expectations are. When it is then time to explain the product, the information delivered should be what the customer already communicated and is looking for.

Explaining the featured is surely important as it communicates the strengths of the product being sold. Making sure to have the complete knowledge and understanding of the product and it works is crucial to express confidence while selling. The manner how it is explained will also interfere on the customer’s reaction and instant interest to purchase.

It seems easy, but selling requires a lot of practice and conducting with different types of people is when the perfect balance can be achieved. People’s reaction can surely be different in every situation; however the importance of knowing how to lead it to what the seller needs is what classifies an expert.

Our lecturer showed us a short scene of the movie ‘The wolf of wall street’, where Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Jordan Belfort asks his mates to sell him a pen. And it is interesting to observe how much value can be put on a simple product, if it is well elaborated.
The situation reminded me of my first ever interview, where the Area manager for the company handled me an empty transparent plastic pen tube and asked me to sell it to him.

How would you sell it, dear reader?

My answer was simple: I sold it as a tool to create water bubbles!

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