In Progress – First Trade Fair

D298D955-DDFA-44F9-9CF0-D2EF710F6ED2.jpegPreparing ourselves for the first Trade Fair was very interesting. Danzza and the idea around our startup business is perfectly clear in our minds, but I believe the challenging situation has been to put it in words, images and general visual attention.

We met a couple of times to decide how we would present our stand and communicate our idea to people on the same level of perfection we have been understanding and developing. The main issue, if I may say, was the product. Our group had no intention in exposing a prototype, but to present a final concrete product. Nevertheless, we decided on materials and colour and the process of manufacturing the top sounded pretty simple as it started being created. However, the result did not match our expectations and due to an error in the process, Danzza was presented as a simple prototype.

Regarding the logo, we were extremely lucky. In an evening meeting, we developed the idea of our logo represented on a simple drawing on paper. The response of all four in the team was very positive, and together with a colleague artist, the perfect drawing was created. Simple, bright and representing movement, it enchanted all of us and was then established as our permanent logo.  The next step was to decided how it would be exposed on our stand at the trade fair.

Going forward, we had to make decisions regarding table cloth, ways of exposing the prototype, how to present the logo and what else to present on the table. A google form was created for contact and feedback purposes and the decision of placing a big A2 image of Kaja’s dancing movement on the wall behind us, so we could communicate our company’s field.
Personally, the image of a trade fair was extremely blur in my head, and I wasn’t sure about what would be attractive or repellent on our stand. Perhaps being insecure about it may have restrained more ideas that could have boosted our performance. On the other hand, the experience would be a great space to build a better understanding and improvements for situations going forward.

It was Janury 21st and our team arrived around 12pm to prepare the stand. We managed to be located  in a very good and visible spot and having the stairs behind our table facilitated for hanging the big image. The table cloth was black and tightened around the table, so it looked like a black box. On the table we had a mannequin wearing our prototype, a laptop containing the Google form and our logo; presented on a piece of paper protected by a transparent A4 plastic and metal stand.

The four hours experience was very enriching and being able to explain and present our idea to few people supported on the development of our selling skills and explanatory speech. We heard from judges and received many constructive feedback which will help us with diverse improvements along the next weeks. In addition, the judges prised three teams that had the best performance on three categories. It was very nice to observe everyone’s excitement and how they responded well to all the feedbacks given.

The path is now half way through, and analysing our mistakes we have been working hard to improve our skills and ideas. On the 23rd of February is the next trade fair, twice as big as our last one and the excitement is taking care of our preparations.

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