We finally made it to Dragons Den! Looking back and thinking of all we’ve been through to get there gives me the chills. I kept going back to our first class when the start-up project was presented and I recall being very impressed with the 2017’s winning team thinking if me and my future team would be able to get even close. I remember being very excited about the whole idea of creating something special that would be one day recognized by many. And that was the start of an inexplicable journey.

On the very special day, me and my team arrived at uni a couple of hours earlier to practice our pitch. We have been very confident talking about our idea and product, so it wasn’t such a hard task to talk about it. The key for a successful pitch includes having knowledge of the whole picture of what is about to be presented. It is easier when you don’t need to memorize, but share a content that has been your study base for quite a long time. Being completely involved in your own project is clearly demonstrated through the presentation of your idea and company and it is sensed not only by your colleagues but also by the judges and lecturers present in the room.

We rehearsed our pitch for two hours and every shot was more precise than the last one. We managed to transmit calm and clear communication at all times, and we realized how knowing each other’s part was important to continue talking with a successful pause in between the subjects. When it was time to present, I personally felt extremely confident as the practices went really well, and I believe I speak for all my team too.

Was walking in scary at first? Of course. You realise you are about to deliver everything you have been working on together with your team and that it is the great moment you have been waiting for the entire semester. You realise the judges are there for you and to recognize and deliver feedback on your work. It is a bit scary but if I may repeat, being confident about your knowledge is the most important thing you have there.

We proudly presented Danzza and when the feedback began, the question were unstoppable. And we all loved it! We were prepared and we answered every question calmly and clear. We defended our idea and promoted our product in the best way we could. Unfortunately, as mention in previous posts, we never developed an actual product as our budget was low, however, with the support of our simple prototype I believe we managed to cause a good impression.

We left the room and waited for a few hours until all the groups had presented, to then gather in a room to received the so expected result. We sat in the auditorium and our colleagues and I were all very anxious (and some very tired) after a whole day of presentations and waiting.

And the results were out! Four teams were chosen for the finals, however would have to pitch again in front of judges and colleagues to compete for the official first position. The good news was that this year they weren’t going to take only one team, but two.
Danzza was one of the 4 finalists and we absolutely couldn’t believe it! We got to the front and once again, with all our confidence, pitched to all.

Danzza won! We are officially going to the Nationals with our idea! Happiness defined that moment. Happiness and relief defined what we were feeling and we couldn’t believe how our idea actually caused great impact. And for many, that day concluded our module. As for Danzza.. there is still a lot of hard work to go.


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