Build [work] together; Value People

There is no greater weapon in a company’s arsenal than a great team (Zimmer, 2019) prepared to work together to achieve the same goals. The purpose of teamwork is to combine individual’s different skills and abilities, and together work to achieve one common result. Collaboration, cooperative effort and a sense of ownership among teams can result in greater efficiency, increased productivity and a healthier work environment for all (Withaar, 2019).

This subject is particularly interesting for me as on my everyday basis, as a manager, my mission is to make sure my team is being coordinated according to the company’s values and are together supporting each other, working towards the same goal. Identifying individual strengths and acknowledging them can be the the first crucial factor to start building and/or developing a strong team. Understanding each others capacity, listening, receiving and giving feedback are the keys to a successful team, and applying it together to develop a task is the heart of teamwork.

When in progress with our Start-up, teamwork was starting to dissolve even though that wasn’t the purpose of our group. Once you have a team, taking care of its base is priority, as it is very easy to skip a step and reach for individualism.
As a first point, deadlines must be understood by all members. Compromising with the group’s time and date to handle in a project is important so everything is prepared before it is too late. Communication between teams is crucial for many reasons, but especially to make sure all members are on the same page with the understanding and working progress.

Moreover, listening and supporting improves ideas. Not being afraid of sharing ideas with the team and trying the best to comprehend what is being shared can be essential to develop a big idea. Ignoring people’s suggestions is very demotivating, and will not encourage them to work along with the same expectations as the others. In addition, acknowledging each other and working with constant motivation will always be a positive environment booster.
Nevertheless, being able to conquer something together is always special and the result of all individual ideas combined can be surprisingly notorious.

I learned that judging is mostly the first reaction of most people, even if done unintentionally. Travelling through the path of understanding team mates and their backgrounds is essential to build a strong group of people. Ideas generate passion and once there is one on the table, the desire of working towards its achievement is what automatically motivates people to work together. Learning how to respect, support and incentivise people is what makes teams great and success guaranteed.

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Teamwork is crucial to workplace success – Here’s why!

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