Do we need a product?

Maybe that was the questions asked since our first class. And it was unbelievable realising how easy the idea we decided on would be so easy to produce.
Not so easy though..

Manufacturing a top sounds simple, but after creating our first prototype we noticed how difficult it would actually be to make it look sexy and trustworthy at the same time. Danzza is a fashionable top made of breathable fabric and padded on the most critical areas of the upper body, such as shoulders, shoulder blades and spine. We advertise that Danzza is first of all fashionable and sexy. Therefore, it should have a perfect looking shape. Well our prototype didn’t.

In addition, Danzza is a protective gear. The padding researched and chosen by us to be the official product used to protect dancers through our tops is very expensive and not sold in small quantities. Nevertheless, even with our prototype we were supposed to test the protective feature, as our goal is to assure safety. I believe that was one of the biggest problem encountered by us, as we had no specific padding and our prototype had no shape. Initially we tried to stay positive, until when at the Eden Walk trade fair we realised people weren’t attracted by our stand and from far distance, the top displayed on the table looked like a simple black top.

Even though we had no perfect padding, we utilized simple foam on the shoulders and spine so it could be represented but also, somehow, tested. Kaja and her friend (professional dancer) both tested and danced with the product, and impressively the result was that it did help and delivered hope. The feedback received was that if it was developed with a proper protective foam it would definitely change the way dancers dance and takes care of their body.

Lesson learned, we now have a proper prototype. It has a big logo in white at the front, a tag and a beautiful shape.

Another question asked was “but how did you win Dragon’s Den with no product?”. I am proud to say that our idea impressed. We believed in it, we explained it, we showed how much we want it to become live although our biggest problem at the moment is financial. Danzza started as a simple idea that luckily enough had no competition. Danzza has quality, beauty, safety and cares about a niche that some may have forgotten to impress. It loves its community and fights for its values. Danzza proved to be strong, from idea to logo, advertisement and how it was presented. Nonetheless we realised that was even more important than having a proper product for a start.

Does that mean we don’t want a product? Of course we do and we are working on it. The nationals may be the opportunity we were seeking for and we are looking forward to present and deliver expectations related to out bright idea. Preparations are being made and who knows.. maybe we will make it as far as we never thought of!


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