Can Anything be Branded?

Prior to our branding lecture, my understanding of brands was very little and therefore the idea I had was that companies deliver their idea through their logo. However, logos and designs exit to represent an entire identity, concept and reputation.

“Branding is how people view and perceive your company. It’s also how you as the owner and your workforce view and perceive the company. It’s your what, your how, and your why.” ( Tony Hardy, 2019)

Every brand, with their own methods, aim to pursue connection and credibility with their targeted market. Being able to deliver authenticity and be reassuring is a hard task and how it transforms the customer’s experiences is what defines a brand and strong and unique, and therefore threatening to competition. Once its clear that customers are loyal and there is a relationship connecting them to the brand, it becomes easier to perform development as long as the added value stays consistent.

During class, our lecturer Francesca presented a very interesting and simple image to define what a BRAND needs:









We were questioned in class if there was any brand we were loyal to, regardless of competition or similar products and services on the market. Surprisingly there were a few brands that were mentioned and moreover questioned by Francesca the reason why, as it is very unusual to chose a brand with many points on parity. The answers proved that the approach a brand has towards their customers changes how they position themselves in the market. In a world where everything is of easy access, what customers need is added value, personality and trust.

At the end of the session we were given the task to “brand ME”. The task was to brand ourselves and sell our idea. If we were pitching to a buyer about our service, what would be the our desirability criteria (distinctive or superior and personally relevant) and points of difference and parity to be considered.

blog image

As for this time, I chose to sell my singing and musical skills to the director of Broadway Musicals showing interest in being a front singer for his company and acts.
It was a fun exercise that thought me a lot about the importance of branding and that a simple mistake can push you away from the market.
Understanding your focus market and who exactly you want to impress and sell to is another important point to be aware of, as it has to be reminded that the people buying a product or service are the ones who will support its development… or be your future boss, if that brand is you!

Now that answers: Can anything be branded?
Yes, absolutely! It is not what you brand, but how you sell it to the world!





Hardy, T. (2019) What is Branding? [Online] Available at: (accessed 12 January 2020)

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