BSG – Be Smart and Get out!

Last semester I finally got to play the BSG game! Which regardless of what the tittle may say, it actually means BUSINESS STRATEGY GAME. So why am I making jokes about it? The game is hard, it is stressful and absolutely fantastic!

When we started our journeys, I believe no one had any idea of what they were doing. We were presented with the Players Guide, however, even after reading it for the second time I had no clue on how to actually apply it to the game.
Me, Gareth and Sijun started off by guessing and trying to understand which effects a change would cause in the game and how would we be able to overcome any negative results.

The BSG game consists on understanding WHO you want to be as a company and brand, WHO you want to sell to and HOW would you like to position yourself in the market. Nevertheless, it is important to constantly analyse competition since the beginning to understand where you can be more effective and how could they possibly be threatening you, whereas in the market space or design and product line.

It is interesting to observe that now, as when we started we did not analyse any of that. We had absolute no idea of what we were doing until results for the third year came out. We then identified that we were being very consistent in all we were doing, and even though scared of taking risks, we never took a step back on trying to improve and increase our production, production spaces and general investments. We slowly went through every single section of the game, week by week, going back to our guide, our past results and our competitors’ so we could not only observe our changes but what others were doing.

In addition, some key points to observe were how the size of our production each year impacted on how the market saw us as a company and in which exact sector we were positioned in the market. Initially, our idea was to develop few pairs for a considerable price so it would be accessible to all. However, after a BSG lecture by Adam, he explained how important it was to understand who exactly we wanted to be. Compete on the high end? Less products but expensive and with high quality or department alike with accessible pricing and many different models?

After that, we concluded that quality would be our priority and investing in less models but secure trust with out customers was going to be our aim. Plus, it was definitely easier to deal with our results once we knew what we wanted and what we were hoping to achieve.

image blog1

Overall, our game was a success and on the last run our company won the competition! We were very happy and proud of our progression, which even though might have been slow, was definitely very enriching.
Personally, it definitely supported me on my professional life. It is interesting for me to observe how inserted in my everyday chaotic routine, I forget to be more analytic and take a step back to observe what is happening around me and how a small change in the business can impact its entire performance, especially when considering staff workload, well being and productivity.


BSG Players Guide. (2010) Available at:

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