D&AD Process

As soon as the D&AD briefs were presented to us, my brain started to work in crazy loops as I felt so excited to start this new project. Naturally, I love creating and developing new things.. however, that can be slightly overwhelming as I will explain further.

When you receive a brief related to the creation of a completely new project, the brief part is slightly forgotten for a short period of time as the excitement takes control of the situation and you just want to crack on straight away. However, if there is something I have learned this past month, that is: Make sure you read the brief! Because before you realise, you will be half way through your project doing something that wasn’t requested or wasn’t worth so much time consumed with it.

Now, the process. I chose Google’s brief which is the combination of the choice of a relevant cause, typography and music. Obviously I was excited as I am able to work with music and fight for a cause. I am clearly not a graphic designer, but with the support of some friends’ expertise I have been working a lot to achieve my expectations.

When I started planning my project, I was convinced I wanted to speak to people about the LGBTQ rights and problems people in the comunity encounter all over the world. However, after a couple of weeks of feedback in class, I realised that this was SUCH a broad topic and it would be really hard for myself to narrow it down and choose a focus group of ideas to fight for, or speak to. I deleted the idea for two days, until I realised that actually, the answer was right under my nose this entire time.

As a woman in the management sector, I started to think about my daily routine and what are the situations encountered by me not only towards those who work directly with me but also those who I report to, which are mainly men.
I realised that it is in fact, hard. It is a daily fight for proof of capability and reassurance. I might be lucky as I work with very kind and adorable teams. However, even though the respect is there, there is also a natural fear of hurting women’s feelings coming from men and nonetheless the slight doubt of capability to achieve deadlines. Many times it is in between the lines, but it is still there. And my question is always “why is it so hard to empower strong women? And why is the treatment different?”


I suppose these are questions asked on a daily basis by women and movements around the world. However my focus here is to put weights on our hands and to ask women to stand up and shout knowledge, confidence and power. To stop swallowing anything that is said and believe in their own capability without needing reassurance.

I am not here trying to change people’s minds, especially men’s. I am actually trying to encourage women to stop being scared and just go after what they want, ask for what they deserve, and stand for what they believe is right. It’s not about being empowering as it is, it’s about being equal and having strength.


To develop the project, I chose to use the song “Going Down” by Pleiades, also written and performed by me. I also decided on producing a small video which include women (friends and family) singing and moving along with the song. The types used were Baskerville and Anton and the colours are pink and RED. Because why not?

I am happy with its development so far and can’t wait for it to be completed.


Click to access 472232_d4f7c02020d247319bd50a011bef5c65.pdf

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