Final Reflective Journal

This is it. The end of a great experience.

Well, it is not over yet. However, sitting here writing my last blogpost (for now) does feel quite exciting and scary. As a part time student, I never actually thought of the day I would be finishing this course. And now it is just a couple of months away. Two years is a very long time and considering the first felt even longer than the second year, it is with satisfaction that I write my final reflective blogpost.

Unfortunately, the Corona Virus has cut through a good part of the end of the semester. However, they were quite intense and unforgettable months. The knowledge acquired these past months have highly changed my perspective in many subjects and reflected positively in my daily work life.

The semester started with the D&DA briefs being presented to us and having to decide what project to take on board was slightly overwhelming. Nevertheless, the idea of having to present our projects weekly in front of the class did cause stress, as Wednesdays were approaching and I wouldn’t feel much prepared every time to stand in front of the class.

What was interesting to observe was that I have always been extremely confident regarding presentations. Which does not mean I don’t feel anxious. Perhaps the music background has supported me on presenting to a group or a crowd so far in life. It turns out that, in fact, I still had and have a lot to learn. And the answer is: body language.

When learning more in class about body language and how it affects your daily relationships, I started to observe every gesture my body delivers not only in class but also at work. I then realized that I could come across with different personalities to people, depending on how I spoke and expressed myself. For instance, with the D&AD weekly presentations. I could probably be speaking loud and clear so everyone could listen, however, why was I hidden behind the computer instead of standing in the middle of the class so everyone could see me and my body language¿ For some people, the ‘stage’ movement comes naturally. For others, it is a matter of observation and practice so they will stop relying on small gestures such as hand or feet small movements (Harvard Business Review, 2013). Nevertheless, identifying this opportunity and being able to progress week by week also reflected on how my peers would behave towards me when I was presenting, including the level of attention they would have on the subject.

By choosing the Google + HMCT brief, I committed to delivering a great cause to be fought for combined with a song and typography. I started off over excited with the brief and on my first presentation I made the mistake of presenting problem and solution. Naturally, a problem should be initially understood and analyzed for then be able to get to a conclusion for a solution (Heit Management, 2013). My understanding of typography was very little at the time and I hadn’t done much research around it for my first presentation. Secondly, I had decided on a song without thinking of how that cause would be represented to people and what feeling would I then intend to share with others through music.
Receiving feedback was fantastic and week by week the research improvements have had so much impact that it resulted on a change of cause and a bigger perception and identification with myself and the people I would like to speak to. I was finally speaking about a situation that I could directly relate to, which is women empowerment in the workforce, and in addition I have chosen one of my own songs to express the frustration and power I was speaking about. The results after the research and development were great and I am very proud of the final project.


If I were to imagine the advertisement of my campaign, how would it be¿ The project in question is all about selling an idea and joining forces around the world to believe in and fight for the same cause I do. Every piece of information in the final presentation relates back to how this cause would be delivered to the public and what points of advertisement would be chosen to deliver the communication.

If considering a business, one of the first points of observation should be the people who are buying your product. What is the age range and what does their lifestyle look like? As discussed in class and mentioned in many advertisement related articles, it is important to identify the correct audience and consumer by doing a thorough market research (Weinstein, M 2018) to focus the advertisements in the correct media, newspaper or billboard (UKessays, 2016).

When developing my project, I have focused on Instagram to deliver the information and communicate with others but also opted for big posters around business buildings and small stickers on gym lockers, as healthy women are women focused on strength and progression not only at the gym, but in all aspects of life. The deliverable was created with strong colors, powerful types and large scale. The idea was to speak to all women in the work force, but to also be seen by men, families and businesses so together they could support this so important cause.


Now, alongside developing the project, we have had very important classes where we spoke about what we expected our career to look like. Naturally, understanding where we want to be in 10 years is key to decide where to start focusing on now.
Personally, having to choose a new path for myself was quite confusing. I believe being in the same sector and position for a long period of time could possibly blind you to acknowledge other opportunities in the business and management environment.

Writing CV’s was also a challenge for me, as I am now so used to analyzing other peoples’ ones and therefore hire them for certain positions according to their information. Nevertheless, I discovered that there is much more than projected phrases and specific smart words that can be used, and the more elaborated and filled with experiences the better. For instance, irrelevant skills were something I would naturally add previously and does not make any major difference (Cheary, M) for the recruiter. In addition, how my experiences reflect on the adjectives I utilize for myself makes it instigating (Long, S 2012) and delivers truth on what is being said. Once again, I have learned so much about myself and to always ensure I am aware of the development I need regarding subjects I already deal with daily.

cv correction

Interview processes can be slightly different from my perspective as I have had many opportunities to be interviewed and interview others. I believe acquiring knowledge is crucial, however experiencing interviews several times is what develops each person and their confidence. What to say and how not to act has been discussed in class and it is effective indeed. But how accurate can the real experience be, and how to guard yourself to ensure wrong things are not said or bad impressions due to body language (Salit, C 2017) are not delivered on the first point of contact. Practice is essential, and now that I have given the guidance in class, I will be able to apply it when recruiting people for my store and nevertheless for future jobs I apply for.

I believe this semester has been essential for my development as a professional in the managerial sector. In fact, the subjects have affected me with such intensity that my behavior in my work environment clearly changed in the past 6 months. A huge self-reflection was not expecting that experiences will give you full knowledge. These past months showed me how important the combination of knowledge and experiences is, and how necessary observations are for our personal and professional development as our body speaks better for ourselves than words.





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